Photo Project – Juan

This post has been rather long in the offing. Regardless, on this grey, miserable weekend I am putting up the next set of photos from my photo project.

Juan on the Southbank01

This set, features another of my closest friends; Juan. The place he chose was the Southbank of the Thames, by Westminster Bridge. While this may seem on obvious choice, for him it plays a vital role in the development of his life in the UK and in particular his overwhelming urge to work and live in London.


This was the first place he came to in England after moving here as a young child from Colombia and this particular spot is a defining memory for him as a small child while en route to the Spanish embassy. So, the attachment is profound, sentimental and almost primordial.

In an interesting development, he also suggested that I should accompany this project with a series of short videos explaining the context to what might otherwise seem to be mere tourism. I like this idea and so will be adding this facet to a constantly growing project.

Be prepared.

The full set can be found here:

It is a much smaller set owing to a much shorter window of opportunity and weather conditions, but nonetheless, I feel captures Juan’s character and some of the story behind the choice well.


Who knows where I’ll end up next time? Get thinking about your favourite place and why and I might well be knocking on your door next!


Photo Project – Liz

Bright and early this morning, far earlier, in fact, than it is really decent to be up in a Sunday, I met my good friend Liz at Colombia Road flower market.

We met in order that I might get my pet photo project off that ground and for the both of us to take advantage of some good light and a great setting to shoot some interesting snaps.

Deviating rapidly from both my brief (one photo in the subject’s favourite place in London) and from Columbia Road market (Liz’s appointed favourite place) we soon found ourselves wandering extensively around the East End of London via Hackney Park Farm and Shoreditch High Street before finally wandering down Brick Lane and back to hers in Shadwell. There to recover and take more photos over sourdough and tea. How frightfully British and gluten free.

Regardless of the perambulatory nature of our day I did succeed in taking a photo of Liz in somewhere very near her favourite place in London, which you see below:



This, I hope, will be the first of many to come of a project I am realising more and more has great potential, not just to improve my photographic skills but also to see whole new areas of London I might never see otherwise.

I hope you’ll all take part actively and willingly and benefit from it as much as I will!

More to come soon hopefully and the rest of the set will be on facebook.


Paquita. (A new post and a new project!)

It’s been a while, but I decided, on a whim, to start writing again. Nothing more profound, just that. Not being hugely impulsive, this came as something of a surprise, but nonetheless, probably a good one.

So, things have changed a little. I have moved jobs, locations, motivations and most radically, I am on Twitter! (Even if I don’t twitter – that is the verb right? – that much, you can find me at @peterchurchill7. So, do the noble thing and follow me, go on, you know you want to. I follow a whole host of really interesting people and when without motivation or ideas of my own, quite often re-tweet theirs.

The main motivation behind this sudden re-emergence into the blogosphere and world beyond, is the desire to spread the word about a new project I am intending to take up. This idea springs from the fact that, as I said before, I have relocated, to the Big Smoke no less and am now situated in such a position that I will have time to explore London more thoroughly and hopefully actually develop some working knowledge of the place.

To aid my doing so and hopefully to make people think a bit who have been here a while, is the ‘project’ of which I spoke. It is a simple one and, surprise surprise, a photographic one. The principle is that I will, all things providing, photograph my friends and maybe friends of friends in London, in their one, most favourite place in London.

There are only two rules:

1. It can’t be your, or anyone you know’s house.


2. It can only be one photo.

Other than that, I am open to suggestions and hope you will participate. I will gladly photograph anyone who wants to and hopefully some that are perhaps a little more reticent.

Do get in touch if you are interested and I will start to hunt you keen models down too!

It’s been too long, but now hopefully you will be hearing more from me, more often.


Vogue Fashion Night Out

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is an exercise in ostentation. It is an excuse to dress to the nines, strut the streets and if you happen to be in the fashion crowd, get into the most exclusive shopping event of the year.

You can read Vogue’s own, extensive article on it here: detailing both the history of it and the current schedule. This particular site details the London Night Out, which I was sad to have missed, but I did by happy coincidence manage to catch the Florence one.

It was, in fact, one of the things I first noticed upon arriving in Florence. The city was plastered everywhere with the ubiquitous Vogue style posters. Clearly it was not just the fashion set that were getting geared up for it. The whole city was going to revel in it and use it as an excuse (as if the Italians needed it!) to get the slimmest, best cut, most trouser break-less suits out and wander the streets in true Italian sprezzatura* style.

To wit:

The night is not only, inevitably, to do with clothing based fashion, it is also an excuse for the leading technological, vehicular and just about any other branch of the retail industry you care to mention, to demonstrate their very finest wares. I saw on one street alone an entire stall dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also an Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione; perhaps the most beautiful car ever manufactured.

The Alfa Romeo 8c Competizioni.

It is not all just glamour and over the top dressing. There is some serious shopping to do for those prepared to wade through the queues and get into the chicest shops around. There are discounts, goodie bags and exclusive merchandise. As well as bars, live bands, clubs and all manner of entertainment set up in, on and around the streets of Florence.

All in all, it’s a great night and a fantastic excuse to get ridiculously dressed up, enjoy the crazy goings on in the streets, listen to some music and generally have a good time. Hell, you might even do a bit of shopping if you really wanted to! Sadly, working on a low cost traveller’s budget, I was not able to indulge, not on that evening anyway.

Here’s how some Florentine’s chose to spend the evening:

Old Florence.

For once, I felt underdressed, not having packed for a fashion night out, but felt I aquitted myself reasonably well in my Levi’s chinos and Z Zegna shirt, but hey I’ll let the Italians have it. Anyone else though and I would not be impressed!



Sprezzatura is an italian term that doesn’t really translate to English, but it’s closest paraphrasing would be something along the lines of ‘sartorial nonchalance’. That is to say, dressing effortlessly well without appearing to have tried and furthermore to have done so without actually dressing perfectly. So, for example the gentleman above’s tie might be considered a little too long by some, but it adds to the relaxed, yet stylish look he’s going for.
Don’t say I never teach you anything!