Photo Project – Liz

Bright and early this morning, far earlier, in fact, than it is really decent to be up in a Sunday, I met my good friend Liz at Colombia Road flower market.

We met in order that I might get my pet photo project off that ground and for the both of us to take advantage of some good light and a great setting to shoot some interesting snaps.

Deviating rapidly from both my brief (one photo in the subject’s favourite place in London) and from Columbia Road market (Liz’s appointed favourite place) we soon found ourselves wandering extensively around the East End of London via Hackney Park Farm and Shoreditch High Street before finally wandering down Brick Lane and back to hers in Shadwell. There to recover and take more photos over sourdough and tea. How frightfully British and gluten free.

Regardless of the perambulatory nature of our day I did succeed in taking a photo of Liz in somewhere very near her favourite place in London, which you see below:



This, I hope, will be the first of many to come of a project I am realising more and more has great potential, not just to improve my photographic skills but also to see whole new areas of London I might never see otherwise.

I hope you’ll all take part actively and willingly and benefit from it as much as I will!

More to come soon hopefully and the rest of the set will be on facebook.