Photo Project – Juan

This post has been rather long in the offing. Regardless, on this grey, miserable weekend I am putting up the next set of photos from my photo project.

Juan on the Southbank01

This set, features another of my closest friends; Juan. The place he chose was the Southbank of the Thames, by Westminster Bridge. While this may seem on obvious choice, for him it plays a vital role in the development of his life in the UK and in particular his overwhelming urge to work and live in London.


This was the first place he came to in England after moving here as a young child from Colombia and this particular spot is a defining memory for him as a small child while en route to the Spanish embassy. So, the attachment is profound, sentimental and almost primordial.

In an interesting development, he also suggested that I should accompany this project with a series of short videos explaining the context to what might otherwise seem to be mere tourism. I like this idea and so will be adding this facet to a constantly growing project.

Be prepared.

The full set can be found here:

It is a much smaller set owing to a much shorter window of opportunity and weather conditions, but nonetheless, I feel captures Juan’s character and some of the story behind the choice well.


Who knows where I’ll end up next time? Get thinking about your favourite place and why and I might well be knocking on your door next!