Wong Kei, Wardour Street

For some time my family and various friends have been raving about a little Chinese restaurant (although I use the word restaurant loosely; it’s more of a canteen) called Wong Kei. Buried in the heart of Chinatown/Soho area on Wardour Street it is undoubtedly the genuine article.


Thanks to China Town London for the photo.

The food is served no-frills style on plastic plates with reusable plastic chop sticks and spoons and with no thought for presentation, but is very authentic and delicious. It is also dirt cheap (I paid £4.40 for a large plate of Singapore noodles) and that more than compensates for any qualms one might have.

The service, or lack thereof has to be seen to be believed. It is, however, done in a strangely endearing way, such that it further enhances the experience. Don’t expect much though!

All in all if you are looking for cheap, tasty
food in a genuine setting and feel the urge for Chinese food, this is your place. Centrally located just off Shaftesbury Avenue I highly recommend a visit.

41-43 Wardour Street,

0207 437 8408


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